Thursday, July 21, 2016

In My Little Country Today

In my little country today, it was sunny and the streets of Jerusalem were filled with people shopping, walking, eating. It was a normal summer day in a normal country. There are those who want to say life is not normal in Israel, but it really is. Kids play in the sunshine; parents balance jobs and kids and camp and summer plans.

Planes are flying in and planes are flying out. Sales; school supplies, the train beeps and then continues on its path.

I went to work, went shopping and bought some new towels, came home and started cooking. Normal. Really.

Same road, NOT our car, someone else. No injuries
Nothing exploded (at least so far); no one was stabbed. For that alone, we are grateful. About four hours ago, my husband called to tell me that after his current meeting, he had yet another one set up. He's going to be home late.

Two hours later, on his way there, Arabs threw a rock at his car. He saw the rock as it came towards the car, heard the boom as it hit. He did the right thing - he kept going.

He called me and told me what happened; I called the police. He's fine. He's fine. He's fine. The car doesn't even seem to be damaged, but who can tell? It's an old car and anyway, he's fine.

Another car was hit, it's windshield broken by rocks; another car, further down the road and a bit later, was also hit - this time by a bullet, which was found in the car.

In all incidents, no one was hurt, thank God.

We called the police and explained where it happened. A short time later, someone from the army called me to ask the exact location and ask what had happened. I told them what I could, that I wasn't in the car, and gave them my husband's telephone number.

And then, as is customary in Israel, I wished him a "quiet" night. Quiet is a euphemism for peaceful, terror-attack free. And then, he wished me one back. That made me smile. He's out there on duty tonight; I'm here in my home.

So, all I can do is wish for peace and quiet in my little country tonight. 

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