Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Israel Today

My Israel today is breaking through the tears as the sun breaks through the clouds. We are listening to orphans speak of their father, known to many but most of all to his children. We are being told to be strong, that we will continue to live and build in this land, and we will.

My Israel today is a land of deep anger - anger at those who continue to make excuses for that which is beyond reason, beyond human.

My Israel today is a land of comfort - we will embrace the orphans and help them; we will shower them with love and help them, and ourselves, conquer this horrible moment.

My Israel today is a land of sorrow, of hearts broken, of lakes of tears shed.

My Israel today is a land of rage that once again terrorists have fired rockets our cities - this time hitting a kindergarten and damaging it badly - thankfully at night, when no children were there.

My Israel today is a land of sunshine and though the bright light seems wrong on a day where darkness seems to prevail, it is a reminder, that tomorrow we will find our balance.

My Israel today is a land where thousands of people have changed their weekly schedule so that they can pay honor to a man who was dedicated to his family, to his community and to his students.

My Israel today is a land where there still remains those who have no understanding, or worse, accept and proliferate the blindness they want to believe.

My Israel today is a land where the leaders of our enemies are silent and in their silence, they speak volumes.

And my Israel today is a land where our soldiers are hard at work. They will find those who murdered a father of ten and with God's mercy, they will kill them in the battle that will ensue. Sure, they may catch them, cowards that they are, because they may have the guts to kill but not to die but hopefully, they will resist. Hopefully they are so brainwashed they really believe their allah is waiting on the other side with 72 virgins.

It would be funny, if it were not so tragic. But for now, it is the job of our sons to help facilitate that meeting - between the God of Israel and the murderers of a tzaddik, a righteous man.

And my Israel today is a place where we know that despite the pain, we belong here above all other places. This is our land. This is our home. We have no other.

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Netivotgirl said...

Poignant and ever so moving. Once again you described the feelings of our nation spot on. What a gift Hashem gave you dear Paula! Thank you for expressing so perfectly what so many of us feel! May your pen never be silent!

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