Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Death of the Democratic Party

Two images dance in my mind: the first troubling, the second, a stab to the heart, an ending, a death.

The first is a picture from a few days ago taken at the Democratic National Convention. It is a picture of flag of a country that does not exist. They have no language, no culture, no capital, no borders. Congratulations, they have a flag.

They call it the Palestinian flag, and it is. What it is not, is the flag of Palestine - a place that existed only as part of the Ottoman Empire, then the British Mandate. A place from which Jordan was formed, a place that could have been born in 1948 at the same time that my country was reborn. Israel was recreated on our ancient homeland on May 14, 1948. The dream of Palestine was aborted by its people who decided to take a gamble that they didn't have to settle for just half. They gambled, they lost, and they have been whining and murdering innocents ever since.

This flag, waved in pride on the floor of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is a flag that represents violence, intransigence, and terror. That there isn't an American flag in sight at the DNC is more telling than shocking.

But the second picture, this one turns shock into fury. This one proclaims more clearly than any other, that the Democratic party of my youth is dead. It was murdered by left-wing extremists, ignorant people like Bernie Sanders and others who have the audacity to try to convince long-time Democrats that they "love" Israel but don't like the current government.

The irony of this picture, taken outside the DNC is that below the Israeli flag being held above the flames is a poster of Bernie Sanders.

The tragedy of this picture is that it happened in the United States of America, a close ally of Israel; that it happened in Philadelphia, a city that represents freedom and liberty and justice, not mob mentality, violence and misplaced anger.

And more, theses two pictures together represent the death of the Democratic Party of my youth; of the fliers I folded and delivered door to door, of the nights I listened to my mother and others plan strategies for strengthening the party in our town, our state.

Police acted quickly and arrested many of the demonstrators, who also burned the US flag. One could argue and say that the Democratic party is not responsible for what a crowd of imbeciles do outside their convention. They could argue that they aren't responsible for the fact that a few morons waved the Palestinian flag on the floor of their convention.

But the fact is, that if the death of the Democratic party is not represented by the waving of Palestinian flags and the burning of Israeli flags, it is represented by the lack of American flags there on the podium and around the room. It is there in the destruction of the US military instigated and conducted by their president over the last 8 years.

Whatever speeches are spoken in Philadelphia, whatever voices are raised, by far, the loudest sound heard from the Democrats today is the sound of it turning its back on America.


Netivotgirl said...

Brilliant and spot on as usual, Paula! My Mom worked so hard for the Democratic party; she's probably turning over in her grave!

LN said...

Shocking. And telling. Very sad.

pizzarebbe said...

As hard as truth may be hard to digest by some; you are doing a mighty fine job at telling it!

Anonymous said...

There never was a "dream of palestine"- that is part of the Big Lie. There is no palestine. It's Identity" was concocted by the Arabs to attack Israel. See the Zuher Mohsen 1977 Trouw interview or statements by Arafat et al.
Repeat: There...is....no....palestine. It is a ruse, a Big Genocidal Lie designed specifically to destroy Israel and the Jews. period. Full Stop.
That's why the term "fakestinian" is much more accurate because they are fakers, and murderous genocidal liars.
Most of the Arabs living there migrated in from surrounding countries. The British blocked Jewish migration (resulting in more Jews dead from the Shoah). The Arabs on their jihad invaded our ancestral, sacred land 1400 years ago and took over our holy places on the Temple Mount and the Cave of the Patriarchs.
People: Please!@ Let's get it straight!

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