Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Marketplace of the Left: Times of Israel Censors a Soldier's Mother


I posted a comment to the Times of Israel right now on an article attacking a blogger for explaining why he is no longer comfortable blogging at the Times of Israel...

Within about a minute, my comment was removed. Marketplace of Ideas? Yeah, not...

Anyone who wants to borrow my comment and post it...please do - I think everyone should copy and paste this...until they either allow freedom of speech or they change their slogan to "the marketplace of the left" and their name to the Times of Palestine.

The article attacking the blogger is here: Looking for a Fight in All the Wrong Places and attacks a fellow journalist for his outrage and his decision to leave the Times of Israel after writing well over 100 posts for them.

Against my better judgment, I'll ask that you go to that article and consider posting my comment in your name. The Times of Israel is wrong, and so is the author of this article.

My comment (the one that was deleted...did I mention that they are cowards?) is here:

Actually, if you read the post made by the Times of Israel (referenced in my article: The Friggin Times of Israel) you'll note that the complaint is even stronger than in the article you cite. It is interesting that in their coverage of the Tel Aviv terror attack, Tel Aviv as a noun (a city) was only referenced once; other times, as adjectives to explain which police force, which hospital, whatever. In the article on Hallel's murder, the terror attack was referenced as a "stabbing attack" while the Tel Aviv attack wasn't called a "shooting attack" but a "terror attack. And more - Hallel "died' but the victims in the Tel Aviv attack were all "killed"...they didn't die...they were killed (actually, to be honest, they were murdered).

And reference to Kiryat Arba as a settlement appears something like three or four times in that short article - it's a settlement, a settlement, a settlement. Yeah we got that...given that Tel Aviv, where four people were murdered is only referenced once, isn't it interesting that it was imperative to mention FOUR times, that Kiryat Arba is a settlement

As others have pointed out, using the term "West Bank" is clearly political and without question, the Times of Israel considers it "occupied" even if we were lucky enough this time to avoid that. But when used in relation to the bedroom in which Hallel was murdered, that is most definitely intentional and quite despicable and I commend "the author" for announcing publicly his disgust at yet another outrageous article attempting to blur lines and hide the truth.

I stopped writing for the Times of Israel several months ago after I was accused of "threatening" and "endangering" a writer/journalist/blogger simply by quoting the very outrageous words and clear incitement she used against an IDF soldier.

The fact is, I can name no less than five right-wing bloggers who have decided to give TOI a pass rather than put up with any more abuse.

How many different ways do you need it proven to you that the "West Bank" was definitely inserted in there to sway opinions? Hallel wasn't murdere; she died. It wasn't a terror attack; it was a "stabbing attack". and, of course, it wasn't just a bedroom where a child was brutally murdered...it was a "West Bank bedroom". I'm a bit surprised, given that you live in the "West Bank" that you are not angered by this attempt, yet again, to separate this poor child from other Israelis.

I think criticizing someone's post like this, attempting to censor someone's opinion, is sadly typical of the Times of Israel. The original author has the right to his very correct opinion that feeds into the overall anti-Israel bias against Israel all over the world. When our own bloggers and journalists and media outlets can't report and discuss such a horrible act using the correct words, what chance is there that others will get it right?

Hallel was murdered. In a terror attack. In her bedroom. Get it right; or don't write it at all.


Unknown said...

Exactly right!

Netivotgirl said...

Spot on and the HELL with the TOI!! Who reads them anymore? They are just like "Ha'aretz." The TOI is written by and for a very small percentage of the population who have very left wing opinions and they do NOT represent the majority of our country. Poor Hallel, may she rest in peace. She was a 13 year old child who was MURDERED for crying out loud!

Lynne Marton said...

Aliza, I agree with many of the pieces you write but, this isn't one of them, unfortunately. If it was so inconsequential that they put "west bank" in the header, why would so many of us be so incensed by it? I know that you know the truth - you did write it, but then glossed over the point by saying the times "reaches a wide-ranging audience....." That is a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense.....following the party "line".
It really doesn't make it right - or true.
Hallel Yaffa was asleep in her bedroom. A moslem terrorist murdered her - he entered her bedroom, attacked her with a knife and stabbed her many times.
To me, the main issue is why this term was ever used in the first place. It's always been Judea and Samaria or Judah ve Shomron - the term "west bank" should never have been part of our language/terminology to begin with. Now, it's like when we use the correct name, we are accused of trying to agitate or provoke an argument.
And I feel the same about the Orlando terrorist attack.
Too many words used to deflect from what it actually is, or wrong terminology to make it more palatable to some people - like the terrorists themselves who would scream out islamophobia - that made up word of theirs they use when they can't refute the truth and they want to deflect from it.

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