Friday, July 1, 2016

The Outrage of the Left

And I can now explain the flaw in the came to me suddenly as I was writing a response to someone who asked to post something I had written. Taken out of context, as the left loves to do, it would sound extreme, barbaric. And that is what the left wants. They want the pictures of people (wrongly) screaming, "Death to the Arabs" while they ignore the fact that death to the Jews is delivered almost weekly, if not daily, here in Israel (and around the world). Delivered, not just spoken. That is the point they refuse to see.

Yesterday, a 13 year old girl was brutally murdered by a 17-year-old misfit who was raised in a home of incitement and hatred. He entered young Hallel Yaffa's bedroom, locked the door as she slept and then, sniveling coward that he was, proceeded to stab her repeatedly. His mother praises him as a hero and encourages other Arab youth to follow in her miserable son's barbaric and bloody path.

In outrage, we write; we scream, we cry. We vent our anger and our pain with words, with songs at the funeral, with tears. 99% of the time, perhaps even 99.9% of the time, that is the full extent of what happens. No one is shot, stabbed, blown up in revenge. At worst, we might glare at an innocent Arab on the train and show the disgust we feel on our faces as we pass them - unmolested as they take our trains and shop in our stores, seek our medical experts to help them.

Rather than judge us as right wing extremists, imagine that it was your neighbor's child. We will not go into an Arab village and murder a 13 year old on revenge for some imagined or even a real injustice.

Leave us our outrage...or better, to prevent more deaths of innocents, find yours! The left will whine about our words and do nothing about the Arab culture of incitement so perfectly expressed from the twisted and poisoned heart of a woman who really should have had her tubes tied when she was 10 years old. And yes, that is the anger as well. The left will scream out, "oh my God, she's promoting forced sterilization of Arabs. That's barbaric."

But you see, I'm not. It is medically impossible to retroactively sterilize someone thirty years ago and so leave me my words. Leave me my outrage, and find yours.

Do you want to know why Hallel was murdered? It wasn't because she lived where she did. Because then people murdered in Tel Aviv, stabbed in Netanya, sitting on a bus in Jerusalem - they wouldn't have been attacked either. It was...dear friends on the left who scream about right wing extremists while giving the Arabs a free pass...and oh yes, your sure as f**** do (because you like cursing so much)...Hallel was murdered because of you.

Now, you're going to start crying that you're scared and that people are inciting against you and that all you want is for people to get along and for your children to learn Arabic and drink coffee and as much liquor as they can get into their systems...but it isn't true. None of it. It's all a lie. You don't live a life free of hate. You hate, perhaps even more viciously than I do at this moment. But what you hate, deep the very country you claim to love, the very essence of a religion you seek endlessly to pervert.

So leave us our outrage - we've earned it over Hallel's spilled blood. And Malka's. And Shalhevet. And the Henkins. And the Fogels. And Tzvi, who was murdered the day after his son's wedding, and so so many others. Leave us our outrage, and find yours. You killed Hallel. That is the bitter truth. You and your failure to recognize the enemy we fight. Not all Muslims - not by a long shot. Not all Arabs. Not even Islam.

We know who we are fighting; we know when the time will come for compromise. Right now, until THEY choose to stop the violence, the time has come to fight. And all the words and all the Scotch in the world won't change that.

I was wrongly accused recently of "threatening" and "endangering" a radical left wing journalist/blogger. It was, in a sense, a blood libel. This time, I will say that those who perpetrate this blood libel against the right wing, who mistake words for actions (when Jews dare to express those words), they are responsible - for the deaths of children such as Hallel, for the ongoing violence.

Golda Meir is quoted endlessly as having said that when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us, there will be peace. When the left finds their outrage - genuine, not postured for Facebook pages, then, maybe there will be peace. If not, there will be, if nothing else, security.

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Dr. Michelle Harrison said...

Beautifully said, Thank You.

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