Sunday, July 31, 2016

What will this child grow up to be?

The explanation you don't want to read for the video you won't want to see, goes like this:
In this video, a Palestinian man literally throws his young child at Israeli Border Patrol officers as cameras roll, presumably in the hopes that they hurt him. The Israeli soldiers simply shake the young boy's hand. The father then yells at his son to throw stones at the soldiers. The poor child eventually complies.
I listened and watched. The father is shrieking at the child, yelling to him (or her?) to approach the soldiers. Mission failure...the child does, and then when the soldier puts his hand out, the child "high fives" him back.

Then the father orders the child to throw a rock at the soldiers. Mission failure...the child finally picks up the rock but tosses it in the opposite direction, more interested in it as a toy than as a weapon of hatred.

But the weapon of hatred is there - it is there in the voice of the father. Will he turn his child into a weapon of hatred? The sad truth is that he probably will. I wouldn't be surprised to find this child arrested in another 8 or 9 years for throwing rocks at Israeli cars and buses. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that in another 15 years, he or she exploded on a bus or stabbed innocent Israelis.

This is the start. We are watching hatred being implanted, implemented, encouraged. This is the start. What will this child group up to be when daily it is fed a steady diet of anger and hate and violence.

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Wolfgang said...

Dear Paula

For a couple of days I have been reading your heartwarming words on your blog.

- I thank thee God that that way you turn Paulas loving heart towards us -

In this world full of malice it is good, helpful and important fo me.

This story is beautiful and sad at the same time.
The little child shows how God created us: without malice in out hearts.

But because the deceivings of he adversary we are always exposed to „Good AND Evil“.
Turning away from God, who is always good, we become enstranged from God through the sourdough of the Evil.

The father of the little child sadly shows us how this evil is passed on.

God does not want that!

With and through Isreal (!) will God lead mankind to that which is ONLY good – towards him!

First of all you, the house of Judah!
God will lead you towards his goals by leading your hearts.
That way you will have the desires to follow him always.
Thank you dear Lord!

The 10 men, who also belong to 10 tribes of Israel, will recognise that God is with you.
That way God will fullfill his prophecies that the 12 tribes of Israel will be reunited again and live in the promised land.
Save through his peace and protection.

Dear Paula,
my heart believes that this child will not be able to kill a Jew in 15 Years.
Maybe he wont even have the desire to do so.
My heart believes: in 15 years from now, Isreal will be protected my God himself and will live with HIM in peace forever.

Paula, God loves you!
Israel, God loved you!

Paula, may the Lord bless you and your family and yes, all of Israel.
Greetings, Wolfgang

(Since my english skills are limited my dear daughter helped me to translate this letter)

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