Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You Can't...Just Did

It feels like it's been forever since he was last home. It's been 16 days, just over 2 weeks. I've spoken to him while he was on base, sent him messages, Whatsapped him pictures (yeah, in today's world, Whatsapp is a verb...who knew?).

He walked through the door looking so wonderful. Tired, thin. Wonderful. Hungry. Home, at last.

While he was gone, someone stole my phone. Okay, to be fair, I left it somewhere and rather than take it to the front of the store and say, "hey, someone left their phone here." They stole it; shut it down and from the tracking app I have on it, apparently have taken out the SIM card and acquired themselves a new phone.

It is at times like this that I remind myself - what you steal in this life, you pay for in the next. I've applied that belief several times in the face of injustice and so here too, I offer that warning to the thief.

In any event, I borrowed a phone and went to Pelephone to get a new SIM and, as is the way with salespeople, managed to leave there with a bargain including a new phone for me and a spare phone as well. As for me, goodbye Nexus 6, I loved you well. Hello, Galaxy S6, I could definitely do worse!

Davidi walked in and I asked him if he wanted the spare phone. It's about the same level as his current phone, which is still working fine so he said he didn't need it. He then opened the package and took out the earphones.

"I'll just take the earphones," he said as he turned and walked upstairs.

"You can't," I started to say.

"Just did," he responded as I heard his boots climb.

Why that makes me smile, I have no idea...but yeah, he's got the earphones...and I have him.


Cindy said...

He's home! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...


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