Sunday, August 7, 2016

Then and Now...

Facebook has this memories thing. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes, they share the stupidest things; sometimes the funniest. Sometimes, it brings up a picture I'd forgotten that I had, like this one.

Then, he was 14 years old. A little bit chubby; a lot sweet. He had these amazing blue eyes. His room was forever messy. He wasn't the most confident of my sons; always seemed to be looking for his place. He was "one of the kids," as my older children referred to the younger ones. Six years younger than the next oldest, he was constantly looking for a way to catch up. He loved sweet things, chocolate, cake, noodles, whatever. He's sometimes eat broccoli, but mostly if no one was watching. way. He was strong and just getting taller than me. He was...sweet. He was mine. My first-born Israeli child. My fourth child, my Davidi.

Now he's 20 years old. Thinner...sometimes I think too thin, but he doesn't agree. He's still sweet, but subtle about it. He has these amazing blue eyes. His room is forever messy. He isn't the most confident of my sons, but he holds his own and has found his place in the family, in his unit, in my heart. He isn't one of the kids anymore; he can spend hours speaking to his brothers in the language of the army. Six years younger but growing up and grown up too fast. He loves sweet things, chocolate, cake, noodles but he also loves meat. He'll eat broccoli without hesitation, most often without a fork, taken directly from the pot. Salad, not so much. He's strong and towers over me. He is sweet...and strong. He's mine. My first-born Israeli child. My fourth child. My David.

My David.

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