Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hey, That One is Mine!

I saw the picture first - hey, OMG, that's Davidi!

Then I looked at the caption. 0404 News is a huge Facebook group in Israel that reports news faster than most places. More, they do amazing things. For example, someone went to a wedding and realized that through a misunderstanding, most of the invited guests didn't show up. Someone wrote to 0404, they confirmed the story and then went online and asked people to show up to help celebrate with the couple. Over 1,000 people showed up to dance; a famous singer stopped by to join in as well.

Unlike so many news outlets that focus on how they can promote themselves, 0404 seems to be dedicated to helping Israelis. They also publish beautiful images of Israel and weekly show soldiers dancing, celebrating, smiling. This time, OMG, the picture included my son.

I missed having Davidi home this past Shabbat. He came home and left early Friday (taking challah and potato kugel with him). I barely got a chance to see him, but the smile in this picture makes it all worthwhile.

Two years ago, he joined a new yeshiva located in Ramle. An Israeli city with a mixed population of Jews and Arabs. Their yeshiva was stoned by local Arabs; fireworks were shot into the basketball courts, and yet slowly this yeshiva has rejuvenated and reclaimed the area, filling abandoned buildings with life and learning.

This past weekend, the boys who came out of the army went home...not to the homes where their families awaited them, but to the yeshiva. An amazing Rabbi, great counselors, and new students who have filled in for the second and third levels.

From Givati and Tank units - they haven't seen each other in a while. Not all of them were able to get out, but enough to make it a wonderful reunion.

This picture is actually just the Givati boys. It'll take me a while to be able to look at this picture without smiling and smiling!

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