Thursday, September 22, 2016

In three hours...

He's coming home. I sent him a Whatsapp message and a picture of all the junk food that I bought for him (and for his younger sister) and then I asked him when he would be home.

"I just left. I should be home in the next three hours."

How can I explain what those words mean to a mother? To a soldier's mother? I have often thought (and written) about the blessing of having your enemies close by. The curse is so obvious - almost daily there have been attacks - stoning, shooting, stabbing, ramming. Great are the ways they try to kill us and but for the alert actions of our soldiers, the death and injury rates would be so much higher.

A woman, mother of two, is in the hospital fighting the battle of her life...if not for her life, certainly she is fighting to regain the life she had just a few days ago. The terrorist who stabbed her in the back managed to get to the spinal cord. What this means for the rest of her life will only be known in the coming days.

I long to have David home. I am most at peace when I know he is here and safe. For now, I know he will take a bus to a bus to a bus to get home. Three hours...

I'm going to cook him some chicken wings now and maybe some brownies as well. We have him for two days, and then it's back to the army. He is on the front lines of our struggle, protecting lives and securing our land from those who believe violence will get them what they want. You'd think after 68 years they would understand that it won't help.

But it's gone on so long, today I'll ignore it. In three hours, he'll be home...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy every minute with your son and all of your precious family, and every year, and every decade, etc. etc. Shabbat Shalom!! Jan

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