Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Message from the Jewish People to UNESCO

For days now, I've been seeing wonderful responses to the UNESCO resolution suggesting, claiming, "attesting" to the rights of Muslims to the Temple Mount and condemning Israel for responses - while never mentioning that the responses were to violent attacks; that the suppression of rights are usually against Jews and when aimed at Arabs are ALWAYS a result of violence on their part.

In anger, many of my Facebook friends wrote until at some point, rather quickly actually, the responses turned from anger to humor...

From Justin Amler:

Circus tickets available!
Hi everyone - I have tickets available to the latest show that has made fantasy a reality - Cirque du Soleil: UNESCO
It is a show that defies logic, embraces fantasy and takes you on a journey to a past that never happened, a world which never was, and throws you into the land of make believe - a true theatre of the absurd. Let me know if you want tickets, but there's no hurry, because this show is going to be playing for a long time.
 From Zev Shandalov:

In the Book of Kings I Chapter 24 we read:
"And then, the Prophet Elijah spoke to Mohamed and declared Mohamed's Temple Mount on Mt Moriah the most wondrous of UNESCO world heritage sites."
So, it looks like UNESCO has a basis in a pasuk in sorry for complaining.

Mecca declared ancient Jewish site! UNESCO shocked the world today by saying Mecca is really the burial place of the prophet Micah denying its Moslem roots...Grand Sheikh Ahmad ibn Fashla was quoted as saying: ''oops.''

UNESCO votes on Moslem connection to the Vatican ... declares ''pope shmope...EVERYONE knows the Vatican was Mohamed's summer palace!''

U nited
N ations
E rasing
S hred of any Jewish
C onnection
O bsessively

Liron Kopinsky
The UN just declared my sukkah is a Muslim holy site. What do I do?

Saying Judaism has no historical claim to Jerusalem is like saying Hamas has no historical claim to firing rockets at innocent civilians.
Israel Foreign Ministry
The sun rotates around the world. The world is flat. There was never a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
To say that Israel has no link to the Temple Mount is like saying that China has no link to the Great Wall or that Egypt has no connection to the Pyramids.....with this absurd decision UNESCO has lost what little legitimacy it still had.

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