Sunday, October 9, 2016

When Should A Woman be President of the USA

A friend from my childhood wrote that there is a special place in hell for women who do not vote for a woman to be president of the United States and I responded with this question:
Is there a special place in hell for African Americans who don't support African Americans? Is that what got us Obama? Is there a special place for Jews who don't support the best candidate possible for Israel? Where do you draw the line? At what point do you place America above a specific gender, religion, ethnic group?
Sadly, I don't believe there is any other viable candidate on the table...God knows, I wish there was. No one is going to convince me to vote for Clinton by telling me how bad Trump is - that just means there is nothing good to say about Clinton and the more people who use this tactic, the more convinced I am that Trump will, without question, be the better choice. Clinton is vicious and vile, corrupt and nasty. And Trump is rude to women in a private conversation with a friend 11 years ago...ok.
But long after I answered, the comment bothered me. Is this what it comes down to in America? Black votes for black? Women for woman? Latinos for a Latino? Where does it end? Well, the answer is probably where it started - electing a bad candidate for the wrong reason.

I would love to elect a woman for president. I think she would bring a level of compassion that is as yet very rarely represented in the Oval Office. I think a woman would bring focus to what is truly important in the world - the needs of mothers and women who work and do so much for their families; the needs of children and their rights and the need to protect them above all else; poverty and healthcare above war and staging. 

And when a woman worthy of the office is running, it will be my great honor to vote for her. Hillary Clinton is NOT that woman. She is nasty, crude, corrupt. She enabled her husband's deviant sexual activity by punishing and belittling the women under his command and authority. I'm sorry - it is time, past time, for a woman to be president. Israel brought us Golda Meir; the Germans have Merkel; the British gave us Margaret Thatcher. Like their politics or not, the fact is that they worked for their country and served honorably and with dedication.

Hillary is no Golda, no Margaret, no Angela. She's no angel, she's not much of a mother and she'll never serve America with grace, dignity, or integrity.

If you want a good president, you have to pick good candidates. For now, the world is half crying and half cringing. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - only you, America, only you could pick candidates that offer the potential to be even worse than Obama. 

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David Greenzweig said...

When I was growing up (okay, so I'm well over 50), we were taught (and I believed) that the ideal world would be when one could say:

I am voting for xyz because he/she is the best person for the job; oh, and by the way, isn't amazing that he/she is a (woman, black, whatever).

In other words, gender/color/whatever would not be a part of choosing, the only thing that mattered was whether the person was qualified.

How I miss the naivete of those days. Martin Luther King, Jr must be spinning in his grave.....

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