Monday, October 10, 2016

Why I'm Done Pushing for Donald Trump

...or pushing against Hillary Clinton.

No, I haven't changed my mind about which is the less evil candidate; which will do more harm. But I've come to an agreement with myself and this is it.

For many years, I have had the thought that there are three types of people in the world, three groups.

There are those who love you...almost to the point of it not mattering what you do.

There are those who hate you...almost to the point of it not mattering what you do.

And there are those to whom you can speak, challenge, educate, share, discuss...until they choose to be in one of the groups above.

There is nothing gained by speaking to the haters. Speaking to those who love you feels good and is important but speaking to the third group is why I write and share my thoughts.

I think further discussing and wasting time and emotion on this election is not beneficial. I didn't watch the debate. I hope Hillary does end up in jail...maybe to share a cell with Bill for his treatment of women (not words said to a man on a bus 11 years ago).

Vote that you never think the outcome might have been different if you had voted .

Vote for your democracy if not your heart.

Those who support one candidate or the other will not change their minds. The election held today or in a month has been decided already.

I don't plan on spending any more time on this because it feeds the incorrect attitude that somehow the world revolves around the United States. It doesn't.

In the next month, I'll be visiting at least 3 countries and maybe as much as 5. There's a whole world out there beyond your borders and they are watching in shocked disbelief. It's a big world and Americans make a mistake in not recognizing that beyond your borders, important and dangerous things are happening.

Yesterday, two people were murdered in a terror attack in Jerusalem. Two worlds crashed. A husband, three daughters and six grandchildren are struggling today to understand how God took the heart of their family away.

A young widow, married only five months thinks the world has ended. She thinks of the home they'll never build and the children they'll never have.

Trump. Clinton. Whatever.

Good luck, America. You are lucky. Whatever happens in can probably undo in four years...two families in Israel, but really thousands of families here (and there) don't have that option.


Klara Levine said...

Incredibly well put. Shame America is going thru such nonsense, but tragedy that senseless murders continue.

Cindy said...

Well said. I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. This election has been unlike any other. I would not vote for Hillary Clinton, but when we had 16 nominees to choose from, I didn't vote for Donald Trump. But now that the majority of American's did vote for him, it seems politicians and the media are over the top in trying to destroy him. This is not just a race for the white house anymore, something else seems to be going on. I'm not sure what it is, but no matter what happens, I know G-d is in control. 'Pray for America' is absolutely right.

peter dominguez said...

Dear Mrs Stern
Everytime I hear anyone preface Donald Trumps taped remarks with , it's Happened 11 years ago I imeadetly feel that the comment are being minimized. If Howard Sterns comment of his daughter being a fine piece of >>>>> was directed to your family I'm positive your husband would have severely rebuked him and threatened him not to ever within eye site of him your 2 older sons would have immediately beat his ass, your youngest son would probably beat his ass every time he seen him.
Please remember that trumps base is tired of Mexicans bringing , drugs into this country, I as a Mexican am also tired of it, and want a real war on drugs . I to believe that that where ever there is a muslim community the potential for homeland terrorist exists. The problem I find with this is that if you look further into his base you will eventually here Jew Lover or Hater.
In order for the movement to make America Great again they must start at what's making America Decline.
# 1. On the list is state sanctioned murder of unborn children , Abortion is a choice until you participate in the act then it's murder..only we package it in with a nice bow and call woman's rights. When actually its approval is based on hard working people being pissed off about having to support baby making machines living on welfare. For me raise my taxes I'll contribute to taking care of the children.
# 2. One husband one wife make a marriage.
Two husband or two wife's make something but not marriage.
You can't make America Great Again with out starting there.
There are many like me who would sacrifice everything to see this happen.
Donald trump is a Prick and Hilary Clinton is a fraud but both will serve to Israelis benefit although for different reasons
Will serve Israel because her experience tells her that when Israel goes we all go.
Will serve Israel because he'll want to be on the ground floor of building the 3 RD temple ( The Tower of Trump Juruslem ) or its Hebrew Equivalent.
The reason I don't let this crap bother me much (American,Israei , or any work leader ship ) is because
Hamza directs all the puppet actors to achieve his will.
Good Luck and God Bless You and your Family.
Please respond wit a ( received or Go to hell or anything else that's appropriate or not )

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of the "candidates" ...however, please take the time to research Evan McMullen on Facebook..His credentials are in sync of what a candidate should be to represent the United States of American. I believe he represents the only hope for our once great nation.

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