Friday, November 25, 2016

Attempted Mass Murder in Israel

Last night, Palestinians set four fires around the small mountain village of Beit Meir - including one to block the exit of this isolated place perched high on the mountains as you climb towards Jerusalem. It's a beautiful, stunning area, surrounded by forest and green. Or it was.

Last night, Palestinians set four fires...designed to trap and murder a small village.

Last night, our brave and exhausted firefighters fought their way through the horror of intentional pyro-terrorism - a fancy word the doesn't really show the magnitude of almost 200 people injured, 75,000 people evacuated from their homes, more than 550 apartments and homes damaged or destroyed, old age homes evacuated, 90 year old people moved on stretchers, a 100 year old person hurried through the smoke.

They come to a motorcyclist on the road and scream to him, "get out of here, get out of here, get out of here."

They stop because they are blocked by the fire. "I don't see the road on the right. Do you see it?" asks the driver.

"Stop, stop," they hear on the radio.

"We're standing here," they answer.

Last night...they tried to murder. Last night...while you slept, while I slept...last night.


moxadox said...

Oh my, this is the first I've heard of this. Did they catch the bastards?

A Soldier's Mother said...

they've caught over 35 of the um...well, yeah, them. Intentional arson. Over 400 fires, 30,000 dunams of land, hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, over 1800 homes destroyed or badly damaged...the numbers are staggering...

and there are so many more than need to be caught before they and their hatred destroy more.

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