Thursday, November 24, 2016

Be Careful What You Pray For

I'm sick and tired of the US elections, of the negativity and the hate. I have always been an optimist, perhaps even a blind optimist. A realist will tell you to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. A negative person will expect the worst. And sadly, optimists hope for the best and often don't prepare for the worst.

I didn't expect Trump to win. I sat and watched the election results from a far off land. Trying to sleep, was almost impossible and so through the long night in Germany, I would wake up, turn on the television in my hotel room and listen as the votes were tallied. I was held captive, forced to watch liberal news stations dance around the growing results and slowly over the course of the night begin to realize their nightmare had become reality - they will now have to report about and deal with a Trump administration.

Then I watched as America caught fire - how people speak of overturning a system that has been in place for over 200 years. I never liked the electoral college, never understood why it was created, what role it played. But now I do.

What the founding fathers envisioned was a nation where all would vote for its leaders. Free. No monarchy. No central authority. No king. No queen. And not New York and California deciding for all the rest of America who should lead. Yes, there are more people in California and New York and so these liberal states went overwhelmingly for Clinton giving her the popular vote but America went for Donald Trump.

I'm tired of people saying they won't accept the results - the very question that infuriated those who were against Trump's ambiguous stand on whether he would accept them or not. If they weren't prepared to accept the results, why were they so enraged when he expressed the same attitude they are showing now?

I'm tired of the violence, the hate, the negativity, the fear...and so I just wished something would stop these endless rants...and then something did. Be careful what you pray for.

All eyes in Israel, at least, are off the US elections and focused on our land, on the very air we are breathing. I don't know where the figure came from, but someone said in the last week, fire fighters have battled 270 fires. They closed one of the major highways that goes to Jerusalem briefly this

Most of the attacks are suspected to have been caused by arson - they have already found evidence of this. Dozens of fires are burning. Some out of control. Over 3,000 people have been evacuated; dozens of people have lost their homes. More than one friend is in the path of these fires.

Be careful what you pray for - sometimes you might actually get it. I wanted to think of something other than the elections and now, now they are the farthest thing from my mind.

Please God, help save our land. Stop them from setting the fires. Please bring the rain. We need help. Please watch over the firefighters battling these fires and the emergency forces who battle beside them. Please send comfort to the families who have lost their homes and comfort for those who fear the very real threat that they too are in the path of these attacks.

Please God, watch over this holy land.

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