Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fire Fighting Planes in the Sea (Video) and a Warning

I saw this video - watched it twice and

And then I posted it to Facebook...and others

Except for one very funny man named David who wrote, "PSA - don't go scuba diving in the next few days - you might end up in a forest!     (PSA=Public Service Announcement)

And I laughed...not for the first time in a week, but pretty darn close. We are all hoping the tide has turned and that the fires, now under control, will be stopped soon. I'm scared that the Palestinians thought they accomplished something...they did - they destroyed close to 2,000 homes, forced 100,000 people from their homes, destroyed 130,000 dunams. But they also failed because once again, they united Israel into one people, determined, angry, dedicated. Massive donations are pouring in to help the families, communities are organizing, homes are being offered, government organizations are allocating immediate funds. People are donating clothes, toys, furniture...

We will rebuild...but in the meantime, maybe David's right, be careful where you go scuba diving!


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