Thursday, November 24, 2016

Israel Under Attack - Hundreds of Fires Set

Israel's firefighters have been fighting arson attacks for three days in a row...24 hours a day. Over 60,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Fires are "breaking out" all over the country - far up north and in the center of the country. Modiin's two train stations were closed, A major highway leading out of Jerusalem...closed because of fire. Route 55 closed because of fire.

In Haifa, a fire. Over a dozen neighborhoods have been evacuated. Elie and Lauren called  Yaakov and have asked him to come to us for Shabbat with his wife and their children. Over 350 fighters and rescue personnel in over 100 fire trucks are fighting the battles. A hi-rise building - 16 stories is on fire, "Call Yaakov," Aliza tells me. I'm to call him and tell him to come to us.

Other firefighting teams are battling fires in so many places. A few minutes ago, I heard that Haifa firefighters are desperately working to prevent a raging fire from reaching a big gas station in a neighborhood there. If that blows...

I can't think. I sit here shaking in pain, in anger.

A journalist who proudly leans left writers, "Anyone out there celebrating these terrible fires raging through our cities and villages and fields and forests does not truly love The Land."

On this, at least, we agree. Though I would take it one step further and say that setting fire to the land and celebrating those fires is not really so different, one from the other. And more, I don't know a single human being who would set fire to their own home.

And so with each match, with each flame, even the Palestinian arsonists are making it clear....this is NOT their land, NOT their home...but it is mine...and so today, it looks like my son will not come home to the surprise steak dinner I planned; he will not eat the turkey and stuffing we decided to make.

The army is keeping the boys in, in case they are needed to help in this emergency situation...and I am heartbroken. I wanted to see him...I wanted him home.

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sheldan said...

I read some news that Palestinian social media has been celebrating the fires, so I would say that they "do not truly love the Land."

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