Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Glory of YouTube...You'll Never Believe

You'll never believe what you can find on YouTube...I went searching for something specific. Still haven't found it yet, but found these and am enjoying the search.

First up, is a video of Obama rushing up the steps of AirForce One and then turning around and telling Bill Clinton to hurry up. The plane is on the tarmac in Israel. They have just finished attending the funeral of Shimon Peres and Obama clearly wants to get out of here. And there goes Bill, talking to the Israelis, thanking them, saying goodbye and Obama, not bothering to even pretend friendship...

And then there was this one...this is what you call "damning someone with faint praise" - some nice compliments, with lousy explanations and some downright manipulations to see Israel in a negative are my warnings/comments to consider as you watch her tell you about what life is really like in Israel (and when you are done, please see this post I made years ago about what life is actually like in Israel. (Video below the comments)

Another incorrect and slanted report by Network Seeker...a few examples: The country shuts down to rest to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath - well, yeah, some do - as I do but there's nothing resting in Tel Aviv.

But, more accurately, every country in the world has a weekend and you don't attribute it to religious why do you suggest that because OUR weekend is Friday and Saturday, instead of Saturday and Sunday, that WE are coerced by religion? You'll be hard-pressed to find public transportation but if you can afford it, you can hop in a taxi? Seriously? 

And what life is like in Israel has to include the fact that some buildings have Shabbat elevators which, the blonde lady MUST point out, in convenient for some but a hassle for everyone else. Amazing! Male and female Israelis are required to serve in the military for 2 and 3 years respectively - well, you got that's actually 3 and 2 years if you want to go respectively...and as of a few months ago, it's less than three years for the boys (I should know, since my youngest son is now in the army). 

Wailing air-raid sirens going off multiple times a day? Um...okay, but you might want to get your hearing checked. 

You'll see three meter deep holes so that if you come across a bomb you can throw it in there? OMG, that's hysterical! I've never seen a three meter hole, never come across a bomb and sure as hell, wouldn't pick it up and drop it in a hole, if I did see one!

Family is important in Israel and staying in touch with your family is highly valued - and that would be true but the picture they show is an ultra-orthodox man surrounded by about 20 male children - another manipulation. We actually do have women in our families and give birth to female children as often, or nearly as often as we do male children. 

And our openness to speak about how we are doing with our families and going through a divorce has led us to be a nation of entrepreneurs? How the hell did she make that transition?

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