Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What do you post when you are happy?

Now there's a question...

They say "in anger, truth will out" - meaning, I guess, that when you are angry, you are less likely to be politically correct and so you just say what you are really thinking.

What happens when you are happy? Do you hold back? Worry you'll jinx it...

I'm happy today. I could list a dozen things that need to be fixed; two dozen pressing things I need to do, three dozen things that could really help me if only they'd come through. But mostly today as I went about my Wednesday and began to think about the weekend and slowing down, mostly today, I'm just happy.

I love the rain, but I love the sun...

I went shopping and had a typical Israel shopping experience. One woman asked me where she could find something and as it happened, I knew and so I told her. Another woman came along and said, "you look like you would know, where can I find cornflour." And so I told her.

A man came along and smiled and said, "do they pay you to tell everyone where things are?"

I laughed and told him I thought it was a sign that I shop there too often.

Another aisle, another conversation. Israelis talk. It really is as simple as that. You stand in line and speak with the person next to you. You walk down the street, or sit on the train and someone is always talking to you. I love that so much about Israel.

A few weeks ago, I walked down the streets in Stuttgart and really, I didn't see anyone speaking to random strangers. By contrast, in India as in Israel, people seemed more open. Maybe it's a country thing, a society, I don't know.

Sometimes even the sky is smiling.

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